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The country’s cultural movement reveals itself with a creative, dynamic and social force that assumes Hispanic and African traditions to set modernity enriched with universal and self-diversity. For that reason it is difficult to outline briefly all personages that embrace all expressions of culture and who at the same time have national and international acknowledgement. Naming them all could astonish.

The deepness of the thought of a 19th century poet marked the whole future Cuban nation. Regarded as the National Apostle, Jose Marti (1853-1895) defined the main ethical features of our people, lightened the lyric movement, continually supported the mambi rebellions and established the more important civic and moral ideas of the nation. As a poet his one of the starters of modernism (Ismaelillo, Versos sencillos, Versos libres); his epistolary is distinguished (Letters to his mother, Letters from exile, Unfinished letter to Manuel Mercado); so as his theatre plays (Abdala, Amor con amor se paga); his one novel (Amistad Funesta) and different essays, many of them read as speeches (Our America, New Pines, Mother America).

Prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso (1921). On 1948 she founded the Alicia Alonso Ballet, first professional company in the country, after the triumph of the Revolution it became the National Ballet. Her whole artistic career has been constantly enriching the techniques and expressive values of ballet, placing Cuba among the most important schools in the world. She is the principal of the International Ballet Festival in Havana, which gathers the leading companies and dancers of the world. All our first dancers and choreographers have been her pupils.

Nicolas Guillen (1902-1989), National Poet of Cuba, first President of the National Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba. His poetry picks elements from African culture. He dedicated his life to the revolutionary hopes, left very important contributions to modern poetry and important books as Elegy for Jesus Menendez, Motives of Son, Tengo, Por el mar de las Antillas anda un barco de papel. The work of this essential revolutionary poet is characterised by elements as musicality, rhythm, research of the Cuban roots, and other technical and formal features.

Silvio Rodriguez (1949), one of the most prestigious voices of the "Nueva Trova" movement, he started with a style of deep criticism of Cuban reality. All his compositions display excellent poetry. The use of novel resorts that let see the presence of Cuban tradition in Love songs is extraordinary. His records are quickly sold out in Cuba, Latin America and Spain. Stadiums get crowded with each of his concerts. He founded the Abdala recording studios with the purpose of helping young Cuban artists. His CD Rodriguez (one of a famous trilogy) was awarded a Golden Record for its popularity on 1995.


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